Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Challenge #4

I am super excited about Challenge #4 and I hope you will be too! We will be altering a barn star! The inspiration for this challenge comes from a scrapbooking magazine I read awhile back and for further inspiration, visit this link, http://because-estee-says-so.blogspot.com/2008/07/altered-barn-star-x-2.html

I absolutely love this idea and think that we can all have fun with it. I know that some may not have access to a metal barn star, but we can definitely come up with some alternatives because we want everyone to participate and have a blast! Any size barn star will do, but large or medium ones are probably easier to work with. If you can't get access to a metal one, a paper mache or wooden one from a craft store will do just fine. Or, you can even create a cut file on DS, too. That would provide even more of a challenge!

You can alter the star using any cartridges you would like, but let's keep a Christmas theme. These would make wonderful gifts for family or friends too. Also, make sure you incorporate some photos into the design as well. Some are strictly for home decor purposes, but we want ours to multi-task as home decor and scrapbooking works of art!

If you have any questions, feel free to either email or pm Cindy or I at any time. As well, if you would like more inspiration, simply type "altered barn star" into Google and click on images at the top. It pulls up quite a few ideas that everyone should find inspirational!

Happy Scrapping!

*ps.... these are due two weeks from today.... that will be December 2nd........... : )


ScrappingMelissa said...

Hi everyone has anyone had any luck finding a metal barn star? I checked every where today and couldnt find one. I also looked for a paper mache one and couldnt find one either. Please let me know if you were able to find one any where so I know where to look.
Thanks Melissa

Kerry said...

I've haven't looked in the shops yet, but there just happens to be an article in my magazine about making your own with a Sizzix Bigz 5 point 3D star die. No idea of the cost.

I dream of scrappin said...

THis sounds like an awesome challange!!

SnoFlak said...

Oh Esther! If you get a chance to do one... email it to me and I'll post it!!!

Robyn said...

Hey girls! This sounds like a fun challenge! I'm going to have to pass this one up, too. I just got back in town last night and my daughter had pneumonia the entire trip. I have much to catch up on this week. I will be anxiously waiting to see what you all create. :)