Monday, October 19, 2009

Celebration Challenge #2

Once again... These are great!

Many of you told me how difficult this was for you... and several of you also said that you weren't really satisfied with your final project for this challenge.... or that it was really out of your comfort zone!

Don't be discouraged!
That's the whole point of a "Challenge Blog"
Keep in mind that the object here is to get you to "expand your creativity".... to try new things... to take what you know and grow with it!

Each of you already knows HOW to scrapbook and making cards is no different that making a scrap book page! It's just a mini-version!!! And there is no right or wrong way!
We always want to strive to do our best... and as we learn and grow... our best improves!
We learn by doing.... we learn by seeing.... we learn by adding things to and taking away from....

so please.... please do not ever think that your work isn't good enough, or let a challenge discourage you, or worry about getting out of your comfort zone!

Sharon ~ October Guest Designer

Irit ~ friend of WSB

Amy P



Leanne said...

Wow!! Great job everyone!! Love everyone's cards!!

Diane said...

My inspiration went a little beyond birthday, hope it was ok.
Thinking outside the box was a little harder for this one!

Sharon Caudle said...

These are all gorgeous, ladies!!! Fantastic inspiration challenge, Cindy! Everyone did an awesome job! Thanks so much for inviting me to play! hugs!

LotsToScrap said...

Beautiful cards!!! What great inspiration you all are~