Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Challenge 13

Here we go again ladies! Time to take on another challenge and put all of your amazing talents to good use. This time, we have an EASTER theme.

With Easter right around the corner, Cindy and I thought this would be a great project for the DT. Some of you will remember the altered flashcard minibook we had you do for Christmas. Well, whip out those leftover flashcards because we are gonna alter them again!
For this challenge we would like you to alter the flashcards (if you don't have any laying around, you can pick them up at your local dollar store for about a buck) in an Easter theme. However, you don't have to make a minibook. You can use the Easter-altered flashcards however you like! Just use at least THREE to FIVE flashcards in your design. Use your creativity - we want to see you SHINE!

Make sure to use your Cricuts and have FUN! We will be going back to our regular schedule so these won't be due until March 27rh. So have fun with this challenge and start looking forward to our next challenge too! Cindy and I have already talked and decided Challenge 14 - I think it just might be our best yet!!

Happy Crafting!


Kr├╝mel said...

This sounds great! Only need some more informations about flashcards please - we don´t have them here (or at least I don´t know the german word and so I don´t know what those are)LOL. So any informations like size, material etc. would be appreciated. It will be so much fun to do it!
Kathrin aka Kruemel

krazykropper said...

May I use more than 5 cards? What I'd like to do will probably take at least 6 - 12.

Crystal said...

sorry to gt back so late! been on vacay!!!
kathrin - think jumbo size playing cards. they are bigger than a standard playing card and thick like cardstock. you can google images and it show you one. :)
krazykropper - feel free to use more than five cards! we just wanted that there to be a minimum number used. but go for it girl! use lots and show us your awesome project! :)